How to upgrade from TH-U Slate to TH-U Full

In the following steps we will show you how to upgrade from your copy of TH-U Slate Edition to TH-U Full.

You don't need to download a new installer, you can use the TH-U Slate Edition version that you have already installed on your computer.

1. Open TH-U Slate Edition (possibly as a standalone), then click on the Upgrade Now button that you can find in the top right corner of the window as showed in the following image

TH-U Slate Edition upgrade now


2. Now click on the "I have a serial number" button pointed by the red arrow in the following image:

TH-U Slate Edition


3. The procedure is almost done! Login with your Overloud account and insert the serial number that you received inside the field pointed by the red arrow then click on the "This computer" button to finalize the authorisation

Insert you serial number


4. You are done, congratulation! Now you can use your copy of TH-U Full