Every Overloud plugin or application can be authorised from its user interface.
Here following are the steps to authorise Breverb 2.

If you run BREVERB 2 for the first time, the Authorization window will appear automatically.
Otherwise, click Preferences on the bottom menu bar and then click Authorize this copy.

breverb 2 click preference and authorise this copy




























1. Click Authorize

activation window









2. Log into your Overloud account.

breverb 2 enter your credentials













3. Then you will see the deposit authorization window:

deposit authorisation















Click the device where you want to put your authorization.

Here is where you need the product license serial number that you received with the purchase email.

4. Copy/paste the serial number from the email then enter a description for the device storing your authorization.

enter serial number












NOTE: You can authorize the same license on up to 3 computers. Alternatively, or in addition, you can put the authorization on a USB stick, which is useful when you need to bring it with you while moving to a studio or to a friend for a recording session.