How to load TH-U in Garageband and Audiobus


1. On your iPad, run GarageBand
NOTE: if you already created your own Project, then you can skip to step 4.

img 1


2. Touch “+” on the top bar to create a new Project

3. From the kinds of Project select AUDIO RECORDER to create a Project based on an audio track

4. Touch “Instrument” to create a new audio track

img 2


5. Touch the Track Settings button to see more track properties

img 3


6. Touch “PLUG-INS & EQ” to access the track effects list

img 4


7. Touch “Edit” to edit the effects list

img 5


8. Touch a free slot to add the TH-U effect

img 6


9. Touch “Audio Unit Extensions” to see TH-U

img 6


10. Touch “TH-U” to load it on the audio track

img 7


11. Touch “TH-U” from the effects list to open the TH-U interface

img 8


12. Touch the maximise button to expand the TH-U user area

img 9


13. TH-U is ready to go

img 10



1. On your iPad, run Audiobus

2. Locate the EFFECT slot

3. Touch the “+” button to see the effects list

img 1.1


4. Touch TH-U to load it into the effect slot

5. Click the TH-U icon to access its interface

img 1.2


6. TH-U is ready to go

img 1.3