Vintage Collection 2 Rig Library

Vintage Collection 2 Rig Library

53 Rigs with the 8 best Vintage Amps, TH-U expansion library

Vintage Collection 2

Vintage Collection 2, TH-U Rig Library

Vintage Collection Vol. 2 is a TH-U expansion library (53 rigs), created out of the 8 best vintage guitar amplifiers and 19 speaker cabinets. The rigs have been captured using the following amplifiers*:

  • Fender* Blackface Pro Reverb '66 (7 rigs)
  • Fender* 1969 Bandmaster Reverb (6 rigs)
  • Fender* 1974 Champ Silverface (6 rigs)
  • Seymour Duncan* Convertible (6 rigs)
  • Vox* AC50 (7 rigs)
  • Sears Silvertone* 1964 Twin Twelve (6 rigs)
  • Marshall* JTM45 (6 rigs)
  • Matchless* SC30 clean and overdrive channel (9 rigs)

Each amplifier has been captured with multiple settings and different speakers and mics configurations, to get the most exciting tones out of each setup.


How do you change the settings on your amp when you pick up a Strat after playing a Les Paul?
The Vintage Collection 2 comes with patches designed for Strat and Les Paul players, which gives a well balanced tone on the entire instrument extension.

  • 9 patches optimized for single-coil Strat
  • 7 patches for Les Paul humbuckers


Studio Rigs and Direct Rigs


All the rigs in this library contain both the so called studio rigs and the corresponding direct rig, i.e. the rigs captured without the cabinet, by using a loadbox.
They does not retain any part of the cabinet response and they are useful to pair them with other cabinets or IRs. Watch how they work...



How to use it

This Rig Library can be loaded into any edition of TH-U which includes the Rig Player:

How to Install

1. Drag the library file into TH-U

2. Enter the serial number you have received after purchasing the library

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