BHS Friedman Naked for TH-U

BHS Firedman Naked

BHS Friedman Naked for TH-U

For the first time ever, there is an official Friedman Rig Library, and it's a killer! The Friedman Naked Rig Library created by Big Hairy Sounds.

This pack covers 40 captures of 2 versions of the Friedman Naked head: the black and the white. Each rig is crafted for the closest recreation of the amp sound, as well as 9 presets inspired by record tones of APC.


They're similar in DNA. The Black one feels more modern and bigger, with more presence. The White one feels more like a bad-ass mod on a vintage amp.


The library has been captured with a British 4x12" cabinet with a combination of Greenbacks and V30 speakers.
As usual in TH-U, the Rig Player will automatically switch to the DI Rig if you turn off the Rig Player cabinet section.

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