Overloud releases TH-U for iOS

th-u ios

Overloud releases TH-U for iOS

TH-U, the Overloud amp simulation software, goes on iOS!
With its 239 models, 1000 presets and more than 4000 captured Rigs, TH-U offers the largest collection of sounds on iOS, ever!

State-of-the-art technology on iOS

Thanks to the increased processor power of the new Apple devices, TH-U iOS offers the same flexible sound chain and the same state-of-the-art processing engine of the Desktop version.

TH-U for iOS contains also the Rig Player, the unique Overloud component which allows to reproduce entire rigs captured from real setups. All the Rig Libraries published by Overloud are now available also on iOS.

MIDI controllable for live performances

Everything can be controlled with MIDI. You can connect any pedalboard with MIDI or bluetooth and use it to navigate through the presets, switch on and off the pedals, and control the expression pedals, like the volume or the wah wah.

Preset sharing

You can share presets between your mobile devices and the computer by using the most common Cloud services, like iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.
Just save a preset or a bank into the cloud, and drag it into TH-U on the computer, or vice versa.

Amp Tweaks, Upgrades and AUv3

TH-U for iOS also features a chromatic tuner, a multitrack looper and the Amp Tweaks module, which allows to change the preamp and power amp tubes on each model, as well as a simulation of the action of a Variac.

Customers which already own a desktop license of the Rig Libraries, can get the corresponding iOS license at a nominal price.

TH-U for iOS is available for free in the App Store.