Overloud Welcomes Cakewalk Customers

Overloud Welcomes Cakewalk Customers

Ended 01/12/18



Here at Overloud we heard the news about the closing of Cakewalk.

We have been collaborating with Cakewalk employees for a long time to develop Sonar special versions of our plugins. And we are very sorry to hear about this sudden closing of the company, as we know that many of the guys there have now lost their job.

We know that this is a bad news for customers too, for their DAWs stopping its development and technological growth.
As plugin developers we are side by side with Sonar customers who invested their resources in this DAW solution which sadly inevitably will be going to disappear.

So we are unlocking the Cakewalk custom version of our products: TH3 Cakewalk, BREVERB Cakewalk and REmatrix Solo, to let them run unconstrained into other DAWs.

Each Sonar registered customer will be eligible to unlock the above three plugins to the unconstrained version, for free.

We are sure that, as a Sonar customer, you will take advantage of this opportunity which will grant you to continue to use the same plugins in a new DAW.



Submit one of the following three proof of purchase to welcome@overloud.com

Log into your Cakewalk account and take a picture of the Cakewalk Command Center page showing your email address (or the Cakewalk username) and your serial number, like below. Please do not obfuscate the Sonar serial number: it must be readable.

Option 1

Open Sonar and take a screenshot of the “about” screen showing your serial number, like this

Option 2

Scan a copy of your Sonar sales receipt. In case you have purchased Sonar from an online retailer, a copy of the email receipt is fine.

Once you have gathered one of the three above proof of purchase, you can submit it by email to welcome@overloud.com Within three business days (our offices are closed during the weekend) we'll send you the serial numbers to unlock your current plugins.