TAF 80s Hair High Gain

TAF 80s Hair High Gain

21 Amps from TheAmpFactory collection of rare amplifiers captured for 80 Hair Hard Rock tones! (40 rigs + 18 patches)

TAF 80s Hair High Gain

TAF 80s Hair High Gain

TAF 80s Hair High Gain is the TH-U Rig Library created by the legendary sound designer TheAmpFactory, based on the Orange Tree Studios collection of rare amplifiers, dedicated to the Hair Hard Rock style

The library contains 40 Rigs and 18 patches captured from the following amplifiers:

  • Bogner* XTC
  • Diezel* Herbert
  • Engl* E646
  • Engl* Fireball
  • EVH* 5150*
  • Marshall* Super Lead (1979)
  • Marshall JCM800* Hot Mod (1981)
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker*
  • Marshall JMP* 1959 HW
  • Marshall JMP* MkII (1979)
  • Marshall JTM30*
  • Mesa Boogie* Blue Angel
  • Mesa Boogie* Tremoverb
  • Mesa Boogie* MkII (1984)
  • Music Man* HD130
  • Marshall* Jubilee (1987)
  • Orange* OR 80 (1973)
  • Orange* Thunderverb 200
  • Reinhardt* Storm 33
  • Selmer* Treble’n’Bass 50W (1964)
  • WEM* Dominator

When we talk about Rock! we think of this era - the hair, the glamour the WALL of sound, It had its prime, but still sought after today! the Tone was big, juicy and with bite, and lots & lots of overdrive!

This pack is aimed at capturing some of he Legendary amps that were used in this era, big manrock tones at your fingertips, from clean to scream and everything in-between!

In this pack the "WEM* Dominator" as far as Im concerned is one of my most treasured amps ever, it was very much underestimated as it wasn't as loud as other manufactures for this "loud" era. - but the tone is just another level. - when we want to record a classic rock/Rock band guess what we gravitate towards first!



TH-U is the first amp simulator which includes both the amp modeling and capturing technologies.
The Rig Models are created from real setups: the Overloud proprietary technology allows to capture the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier and the room sound.
The Rig Player, integrated into TH-U, allows you to reproduce any nuance of the sampled rigs and to combine the models of different setups.





This library is available on iPhone and iPad for the THU App & Plug-in.
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If you already own the library for Mac or Windows, you can extend the license for iOS at just $1



This Rig Library can be loaded into any TH-U edition.

If you don't own TH-U, then by purchasing this library you will receive a TH-U Essential License for free.



How to Install

1. Drag the library file into TH-U

2. Enter the serial number you have received after purchasing the library

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