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    The Overloud proprietary technology allows our engineers to capture the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier and the room sound. Rig To Model technology allows to capture both analog and digital setups.


    This module is Overloud’s authorized model of the Brunetti Mercury amplifier. This beautifully voiced Italian boutique amp is a two channel all tube guitar amplifier.


    Very heavy even if it is clean! This 100W all tubes German amplifier is created with the Metal guitarists needs in mind. The clean channel can deliver crisp and solid clean tones for song intros when the Drive is set to low levels and can be pushed into a mild distortion for higher Drive settings.


    Very heavy. Lead tones belong to the repertoire of this 100W German 100 amp. The sound shaping features Bottom and Mid Boost letting you reinforce this particular pressure in low-end and the low-mid frequency range, thus expanding the Burnsphere amps' tonal spectrum.


    This amp is a classic amongst rockers and metal players. The HeaVy51 is modeled after the Van Halen’s signature guitar amplifier. The second channel is dedicated to distortion tones perfect for super heavy rhythm and lead guitar parts.


    This amp is a classic amongst rockers and metal players. The HeaVy51 is modeled after the Van Halen’s signature guitar amplifier. The first channel was designed for rhythm parts. This channel is great for crunch guitar part and riffs.


    It is the version II of a very famouns line of american amplifier. In particular, the revision II C+ covers almost every style I play which includes blues, alternative, classic rock, modern rock, oldschool metal, modern metal and much more.


    This American tube amplifier is known for its super heavy tight distortion channel and is mostly used in heavier styles of music. The third channel is what this amp is most known for. It hosts a plethora of heavy tones that will work great with any sub-genres of metal.


    This amplifier is an original design by Overloud. It has been developed to create the typical Progressive Metal tone: very high gain but smooth, with a perfect balance on all the frequencies. It allows to play chords without loosing the clarty of each string.


    This module is Overloud’s authorized model of Randall’s Ultra XL MTS® unit (Modular Tube System). The Ultra XL steps it up a notch and offers a more modern, and tighter tone than the Ultra. This is perfect for modern metal, whether you are recording tight rhythm tracks or high gain lead guitar parts.


    This all tube amplifier is the authorized reproduction of the Randall® T2 guitar amp head. The first channel gives players access to beautiful cleans. The density knob will help you produce all kinds of clean tones from super bright to darker mellow cleans.


    This all tube amplifier is the authorized reproduction of the Randall® T2 guitar amp head. This is an extremely powerful 400 watt amplifier. The amp is quite versatile, but is known for its ability to produce incredible amounts of gain. The mid range EQ is particularly useful as it allows you to sweep through all the mid frequencies to increase or scoop the desired range.

  • ROCK 900 (UK) CH.B

    This 2 channel all tube British guitar amplifier was very popular in the 90s. The second channel of the Rock 900 (UK) has been heard on many instrumental shred guitar albums. It is the perfect amp for heavier guitar leads. Its distortion is very musical as it does a great job at preserving the guitar’s natural tone.


    This 2x12" cabinet with Celestion speaker is part of a British combo. It is particularly designed for metal and punk, and this things is great for them. It has a brutal and rocking tone, and can be used with a clean channel as well for a nice touch on the intros.


    This 2 x 12” guitar guitar speaker cabinet is modeled after a wonderful cab by Randall. this cabinet is great for any musical styles and can handle up to 120W. This cab sounds great with pretty much any amplifier head. It features two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers which are known to deliver beautiful detailed and complex overtones with a warm low end.


    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinets by Brunetti is a great choice when you are looking for a huge tone that will fill up any room. This module combined with any guitar amplifier head will deliver beautiful musical tones with an extremely soft and faithful frequency response.

  • 4x12 DUTCH (NL)

    This 4 x 12” guitar speaker cab Is modeled after a high-end Dutch cab known for its ability to excel in any musical styles. Considered by many as the ultimate speaker cab, the 4x12" Dutch (NL) has an incredible bass response while preserving the natural brightness of your guitar.

  • 4X12 ENGLAND (DE)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinet will add clarity and presence your guitar tone. it has a nice peak in the higher midrange, which makes it a perfect choice for lead tones that need to cut through the mix. This guitar cabinet has found its way in many Rock guitar players.

  • 4X12 GREEN (UK)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cab is modeled after the very famous British cabinet. It is most commonly used with heavier guitar tones. Because it is made of four speakers, it will easily fill up the space of any room.

  • 4x12 HEAVY51 (US)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinet is modeled after the famous cab designed by the great Eddie Van Halen. Although capable of handling any types of guitar sounds, the 4x12" HeaVy51 (US) module will shine when used with a heavy distorted guitar amp head. Equipped with custom voiced Sheffield speakers, this guitar cabinets will emphasize the mid overtones and help your notes sustain more naturally.

  • 4x12 HI POWER (UK)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinet speaker is modeled after a very famous British cabinet used by many guitar players. Although this cabinet is capable of handling any types of guitar tones, it works particularly well with overdriven guitar tones. Because this is a four speaker guitar cabinet, it has tons of low end and can fill up any room size.

  • 4X12 MODERN (US)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinet is modeled after a famous modern guitar made in California. This module is the perfect complement to any guitar amplifier. This comfortable with any musical styles and will add clarity to your tone without coloring your original signal.


    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinet speaker was designed by Randall according to George Lynch’s specifications. The particularity of this cab is that its baffles are angled slightly right and left as opposed to slightly up and down like it is most commonly done.


    The Randall RS412XLT100 4x12 cabinet is a very musical guitar speaker with tons of power and a deep enhanced low end. This module is particularly useful for heavier guitar tones. It will fill up any room – from midsize rehearsal rooms all the way up to large rock venues.

  • 4x12 RANDALL XLT100

    This guitar speaker cabinet designed by Randall can handle anything you throw at it. Built with the touring musician in mind, the Randall® 4x12" XLT 100 offers all the low end you will ever need to fill up any room. Equipped with four 12” Celestion speakers, this cab is perfect for lead guitar work.


    The Analog Flanger module will accurately reproduce the classic sound of an analog Flanger guitar pedal stomp box effect.


    Burning Box is the Brunetti high-gain distortion stomp box. It is intended to deliver gain and distortion levels to the utmost. It is endowed with FET technology to reproduce tubes behavior and dynamics as faithfully as possible. Burning Box is pure force, devoted to more extreme and aggressive sounds, it goes beyond limits, it is pure power set free!


    The Chorus-Phaser is an Overloud custom module that adds the perfect blend of phasing and chorus effect to your tone. Adding this in front of a clean guitar amplifier will produce beautiful liquidy tones that are perfect for ballads and jazzy chords. Coupled with the delay pedal, the Chorus-Phaser effect really enhances any arpeggiated guitar section.


    The DigitalChorus is modeled after a classic effect pedal stomp box produced by a famous Japanese manufacturer in the early 90s. This pedal is known for its purity. Adding the DigitalChorus in front of a clean amplifier will give you a beautiful rich sounding chorus effect perfect for arpeggiated sections.


    The Distort+ is modeled after a famous distortion stomp box distortion pedal used on countless classic hard rock records. The original distortion pedal the Distort+ is modeled after was extensively used by Randy Rhoads in his work with Ozzy Osbourne. This pedal is capable of great rich rhythm tones perfect for heavy blues and hard rock sounds.


    Eliminate unwanted noise and hum without altering your tone. A unique noise detection circuit, based on the combination of an expander and a noise gate, preserves the natural attack and envelope, leaving your playing and dynamics intact.


    It is a 7 band graphic EQ ranging from 50Hz to 10kHz, which covers the frequencies of 7 and 8 strings guitars. Iideal for tweaking guitar sounds, with boost/cut of +/- 15dB per band. This lets you completely control your sound and eliminate unwanted feedback, particularly when connected after a distortion effect.


    Overloud’s MetalTone effect pedal is modeled after a very known distortion stomp box used and loved by countless guitar players throughout the world. This pedal instantly gives you genuine classic metal tone. This pedal is capable of producing crazy amounts of gain. Scooping the mid frequencies on the pedal will give you a very tight sounding super heavy tone very suitable for metal riffs.

  • ROX

    Built to the exact specifications of the original pedal, this Wah-Wah is totally authentic right from its classy chrome top to its legendary growl.


    The RSS Comp is modeled after a classic vintage guitar compressor very sought after by collectors and tone chasers. The compressor adds warmth and sustain to your guitar tone. Increasing the sustain knob will add a slight saturation to your clean sounds giving players the feel of a warm tube amp.


    The TubeNine is modeled after the famous Japanese tube enhancer guitar effect pedal. This pedal simulates the tone you would get with a warmed up tube guitar amplifier. This pedal is great to add even more realism and feel to any of Overloud’s already super realistic models.


    The UniVibrato is modeled after a classic boutique vibrato peddle from the late 60s found in many famous guitar players including Jimi Hendrix. This module is capable of producing beautiful deep rich tones that will add life to any rhythm section. Adding the UniVibrato in front of a clean guitar amplifier will create Rotery-like tones that work particularly well with ballads and jazz.


    This legendary pedal is the premier pitch-shifting stomp for any guitarist’s board. Bring new depth to your artistry. Turn your solo into raging, rebellious screams of tone or tame your crowd with highly expressive, ambient chordal bends.  Energize your audience with a scratchy note frenzy, bring them in and out of the sound tunnel with musical bursts


    The Digital Delay module is a very clean delay effect designed by Overloud. Because the delay is digital, it will reproduce exactly the original sound you are playing. This makes it a perfect choice for many musical situations, especially in modern music where it is often important to preserve a clean unaltered signal.


    This intelligent three voice harmonizer creates second voices and chords on your solos. Thanks to its last generation detection algorithm, it can steadily track your parts without introducing any artefact.


    The Plate Reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB. This effect reproduces the reverberation you would get by hitting a small steel plate under tension. This type of reverb was one of the first methods of reverberation used in the early days of studio recording. This effect produces a short delay that works particularly well at lower settings.

  • Parametric EQ

    The Parametric EQ is an Overloud custom equalizer that allows you to shape your tone further than what most guitar amplifiers allow you to. Two separate frequencies can be adjusted. This module is particularly useful when trying to make a lead guitar stand out in a mix. Increasing the mids will give you more definition and help you cut through the other tracks. Scooping the mids will give you a super heavy tone when used in conjunction of a heavily distorted amp.