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    The Overloud proprietary technology allows our engineers to capture the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier and the room sound. Rig To Model technology allows to capture both analog and digital setups.


    This is a 50W combo designed to play hard rock in small venues: the clean channel has become famous for offering plenty of crystal-clear headroom on rhythm.


    This is a 50W combo designed to play hard rock in small venues: despite its small size, it is capable of monstrous, fat lead tones. Its five-stage tube circuit provide a massive amount of gain for hyper-distorted tones.


    With an artist roster consisting of monster jazz and fusion guitarists (Frank Gambale, Biréli Lagrène, and Dean Brown among them) DV Mark has acquired a reputation as a serious player’s brand. Now the company has collaborated with fusion-shred virtuoso Greg Howe to produce the signature-model Maragold—a 40-watt, EL34-driven, two-channel amp that runs from subdued to fire-breathing.


    Modeled after HiWatt DR103. Mid 60s. The amp kicks out such a pure, powerful tone that it really compliments the pedals put through it rather than competes with them like some other amps, yet on the other hand has the rich, classic ‘British’ tone which stands out so distinctively, particularly when the amp is cranked up.

  • OVERANGE 120

    The recreation of a 1972 amplifier, 120W all-tube head. It delivers a dirty crunchy tone wich is perfect to recreate the typical distortion of the '70s. This amplifier has become famous thanks to a particular Presence know which allows you to shape the crispness of the distortion


    This amplifier is an original design by Overloud. It has been developed to create '80 rhythm parts, with lot of presence and a sharp crunch tone. It has a medium amount of gain and it has been harmonically balanced to preserve the clarity of each string.

  • M. PLEXI Voice 2

    It is the emulation of the legendary British Plexiglass-panel amplifier, manufactured from 1965 to 1981 when it was replaced by the 800. It is a 100W amp equipped with EL34 power tubes. The lead channel has a boosted bright tone, and the rhythm channel has a flat response. Besides Pete Townshend of The Who, early users include Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, who used this amplifier with four 4×12" cabinets at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

  • ROCK '64 (UK)

    This 45 watt all tube amplifier is often referred to as British’s version of the American Bassface ’59. The amp uses KT66 vacuum tubes in the output stage, and 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amplification stage which gives it a very natural and unique gain. It has been favored by many Blues and Rock players.

  • ROCK '75 (UK)

    The Rock ’75 was one of the most popular British tube amps in the 80s. Although used in a lot of hard rock bands, it is very capable of handling clean arpeggiated chords. This amp is also popular amongst blues-rock players because of its beautiful crunchy overdrive which responds well to guitar players’ dynamics.

  • ROCK 22.10 BOOST

    This 100W british amplifier is one of the loudest ever created by its manufacturer. It has the right amount of sizzle, mids and it isn’t bottom heavy like a Rectifier. You can roll back the volume on your guitar and it cleans up really nice.

  • ROCK '900 (UK) CH.B

    This 2 channel all tube British guitar amplifier was very popular in the 90s. It hosts two distinct channels. The first channel handles all the cleans to slightly overdriven crunchy tones. Use this channel with arpeggiated chords, slightly overdriven crunchy bluesy leads, and anything in between.


    The Top30 (UK) is a 30 watt classic all tube British guitar amplifier. It was designed in the 60s as a solution to guitar players not being heard when playing in a live band situation. As it was the case with most earlier guitar amps, it was designed to stay clean at higher volumes. The Top30 (UK) has a very recognizable discreet gain to it which gives it a very unique character.

  • 2x12 RANDALL CB

    This 2 x 12” guitar guitar speaker cabinet is modeled after a wonderful cab by Randall. this cabinet is great for any musical styles and can handle up to 120W. This cab sounds great with pretty much any amplifier head. It features two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers which are known to deliver beautiful detailed and complex overtones with a warm low end.

  • 1x10" CALIPER STUDIO 50

    This is the speaker cabinet of the Caliper Studio 50W combo. Despite its small size, it features a big and huge bottom end and, at the same time, smooth out the high frequency fuzziness of some distortions. This is great if you are looking for very fat and creamy tones.

  • 1x12 OB WANTED (US)

    This one by 12 inch guitar cabinet is modeled after a classic cab used in many recording studios. Adding the 1x12" OB Wanted (US) to your guitar effects rig is a great choice for any musical styles. This guitar cabinet is known for its versatility and ability to naturally translate all the nuances of your playing.


    This 2x12" cabinet with Celestion speaker is part of a British combo. It is particularly designed for metal and punk, and this things is great for them. It has a brutal and rocking tone, and can be used with a clean channel as well for a nice touch on the intros.

  • 2x12" BRUNETTI

    This 2 x 12” guitar cabinet from Brunetti is an excellent choice for any types of musical styles. It is a very versatile cab that will let all the nuances and details of your playing come through its Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. The attention to detail and enhanced high mid frequencies is ideal for electric guitar work.

  • 2x12 OB GREEN (UK)

    This 2 x 12” guitar cab is modeled after a classic British guitar cab made famous for its ability to carry out all the nuances of your playing. The original cab was released in the early 60s and still remains a favorite amongst many professional guitar players

  • 2x12 OB TOP30 (UK)

    This 2 x 12” guitar cabinet is modeled after the speaker of the classic clean British tube amplifier. Adding this cab to your guitar rig will enhance the mids and help your guitar tone cut through any mix. The 2x12" OB Top30 (UK) It is a great choice for many musical styles that require your guitar to sound more focused and intimate.


    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinets by Brunetti is a great choice when you are looking for a huge tone that will fill up any room. This module combined with any guitar amplifier head will deliver beautiful musical tones with an extremely soft and faithful frequency response.

  • 4x12 GREEN (UK)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cab is modeled after the very famous British cabinet. It is most commonly used with heavier guitar tones. Because it is made of four speakers, it will easily fill up the space of any room

  • 4x12 HIPOWER (UK)

    This 4 x 12” guitar cabinet speaker is modeled after a very famous British cabinet used by many guitar players. Although this cabinet is capable of handling any types of guitar tones, it works particularly well with overdriven guitar tones. Because this is a four speaker guitar cabinet, it has tons of low end and can fill up any room size.

  • 4x12 VINTAGE (UK)

    This 4x12” guitar cab is modeled after a classic British cab released in the early 60s. If you’ve ever been to a rock concert, it is more than likely that you saw those cabs on stage. This module will give your tone huge depth and tons of character. It is comfortable in most musical situations, but will really shine with the drive knob of your amp cranked up.

  • 2x12 SLO 12K (US)

    This 2x12” guitar cabinets is modeled after a classic American made speaker used by many guitar players. This module is comfortable with most musical situations. Because of its large 12” speaker, it’s has a tendency to enhance the deep bass response which gives its almost a 4 x 12” cabinet tone.

  • 7 BAND GEQ

    The 7-Band GEQ is modeled after a famous Japanese stomp box guitar effect manufacturer. This pedal is very easy to use. It offers seven adjustable frequencies without the complexity of certain studio rack mount equalizers. Each frequency can be boosted or cut by 15dB. This gives you tons of flexibility and control over your guitar tones.

  • 9-0' PHASER

    The 9-o-Phsr is faithfully modeled after a very famous Phaser stomp box made popular by the great Eddie Van Halen. This effect pedal will work in many musical situations. In front of a clean guitar amplifier, this phaser will produce beautiful rich musical tones that will flow with the rhythm of the song you are playing. Adding it in front of a heavy guitar amp will naturally enhance certain harmonics and help your riffs cut through any mix.


    This module is Overloud’s authorized model of the Brunetti Mercury Box. The Mercury box is dedicated to overdriven and distorted tones. This distortion pedal is great for heavy rhythms - from overdriven blues tones all the way up to hard rock and metal tones. The adjustable gain knob offers tons of degrees of dirt. This pedal is also wonderful for solos.


    The Cat is modeled after a classic stomp box distortion pedal known for its raw dirty - yet beautiful - distortion tones. Adding this pedal in front of any clean amp will automatically add the perfect amount of dirt needed for heavy rock rhythm sounds. This pedal is perfect for anything that needs to stand out. TheCat is great for heavier forms of Blues. It will also cover all your Punk rhythm tones.

  • CHR-2

    The CHR-2 chorus is modeled after a very popular Japanese stomp box effect pedal released in the early 80s. This pedal will give you a classic sounding chorus as heard on many classic rock records. The CHR-2 works great with arpeggiated chords. It does a great job at preserving your guitar’s original tonal character. This discreet sounding chorus is perfect for clean tones.


    The Crying Wah is modeled after one of the most famous Wah pedals in the world. This very simple effect is capable of producing the classic sound heard over countless classic records. The Crying Wah is comfortable in many musical situations. It will help your rhythm sections stand out. It will also add beautiful expression to your guitar solos.


    The D-Delay is modeled after a very famous stomp box pedal effect made by a very well known Japanese manufacturer. This pedal is a digital delay and will give you a very clean and precise processed signal.The effect offers a Tap function allowing you to match the repetitions to the tempo of the song you are playing. The D-Delay is a stereo effect and allows you to bounce the delayed track left and right which works wonderfully on clean arpeggiated sections.


    The D-Reverb is powered by Overloud’s BREVERB and produces beautiful musical digital reverberation. This effect offers a very pure echo to your sound that will work in any musical situations. Add to this effect to a clean arpeggio guitar section to make its more musical. Try it with an overdriven guitar tone to add more depth in space to your sound.

  • DIODE 250

    The Diode250 is modeled after a famous overdrive preamp effect pedal made famous for the rich overdriven tones it offers. The type of sounds you will get are the ones heard in many classic rock records from the 70s. This is great for early hard rock and heavy blues rhythm sections. Increasing the Drive knob to higher levels will give you a wonderful rich tone heavy in mid frequencies.


    Overloud’s DistOne module is faithfully modeled after a worldwide known Japanese distortion pedal. Stomping on this box will give you access to beautiful distortion tones full of tube-like warmth and musicality. The DistOne can be used in many different musical styles that require high gain without coloring your tone too much. With lower Drive settings, the stomp box offers great clarity allowing all the nuances of your playing to come through. With the Drive pushed higher you will start hearing beautiful enhanced harmonics.


    The Octaver is modeled after a famous Japanese guitar stomp box pedal. Enabling the effect will double your signal an octave lower. This is great for heavy guitar riffs and will add an incredible synth-like tone to your musical lines. Adding the Octaver to a lead guitar solo will help it stand out in the mix. This effect also works beautifully with clean tones.


    Eliminate unwanted noise and hum without altering your tone. A unique noise removal circuit, based on adaptive filtering, preserves the natural attack and envelope, leaving your playing and dynamics intact.


    The Rich Flanger was modeled after a classic boutique Flanger pedal. adding this module your guitar rig will produce rich, thick musical flanging sounds. The Rich Flanger effect is suitable for any musical styles. Adding it in front of a clean amp will complement any arpeggiated guitar section. Matching the speed knob to the tempo of the song you are playing will help your guitar track fit nicely with the rest of the instruments.


    The RSS Comp is modeled after a classic vintage guitar compressor very sought after by collectors and tone chasers. The compressor adds warmth and sustain to your guitar tone. Increasing the sustain knob will add a slight saturation to your clean sounds giving players the feel of a warm tube amp.


    The TubeNine is modeled after the famous Japanese tube enhancer guitar effect pedal. This pedal simulates the tone you would get with a warmed up tube guitar amplifier. This pedal is great to add even more realism and feel to any of Overloud’s already super realistic models.


    The UniVibrato is modeled after a classic boutique vibrato peddle from the late 60s found in many famous guitar players including Jimi Hendrix. This module is capable of producing beautiful deep rich tones that will add life to any rhythm section. Adding the UniVibrato in front of a clean guitar amplifier will create Rotery-like tones that work particularly well with ballads and jazz.