Overloud Releases Comp LA

Comp LA

Overloud Releases Comp LA

Overloud releases Comp LA, the recreation of two legendary optical compressors into a single plug-in. At the heart of the original units there is a photo-cell coupled with an opto-attenuator. The photo-cell provides a very natural dual-stage release which results in a very characteristic compression response, more transparent than that of other compressors.

2 Units in 1 plug-in

The plugin recreates both the 2A and the 3A models. The 2A version is tube-based and delivers a warmer, harmonically rich tone. The 3A version is solid-state based and has a faster attack, cleaner tone.

Beyond the original hardware

The Comp LA extends the features of the original hardware and joins the flexibility of the digital world to the character of the analog processing.

    •    Built-in Mid-Side Processing
    •    Built-in Parallel Compression
    •    User-controllable harmonic generation amount and metering
    •    LF sensitivity (R37) control
    •    User-selectable Ultra Oversampling mode
    •    Low CPU usage: more than 500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina
    •    Multilevel undo-redo
    •    A/B Comparison
    •    Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel
    •    Meter Calibration: calibrate the VU meters at 4 different sensibilities

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