Jensen Raptor - Large Cabs

Jensen Raptor - Large Cabs

The official Jensen® IR library based on the “Raptor” (C12/100 RT) 100W ceramic speaker (576 IRs)

Jensen Raptor Large Cabs

Jensen® Raptor - Large Cabs - Supercab Library (576 IRs)

This is a systematic capture of a Jensen® Raptor, from the Jet series, installed in two different enclosures:

  • a 2x12" Open Back cabinet
  • a 4x12" Closed Back cabinet

for a total of 576 IRs, developed in conjunction with a Jensen® Speakers product specialist, in order to recreate the most authentic playing experience, as if you were playing an original speaker.

Discover the Jensen® Raptor

The Raptor is one of the newest Jensen speakers, released after a long time in development refining the ideal qualities of a contemporary, sophisticated, touch responsive speaker. The inspiration came from revisiting the “American boutique” tones of the ‘70s and the ‘80s, when a handful of designers developed some of the most iconic amplifiers ever, starting from blackface circuits and pushing them above and beyond, in terms of gain and versatility, and swapping the vintage speakers for high power, more linear sounding ones. These amplifiers gave voice to countless hit records since then, and still are coveted as some of the best amplifiers ever made. The Raptor is designed to fit greatly in such scenario: a 100W ceramic speaker with a characteristic, vocal, rounded midrange and a silky-smooth top end, all based on a solid, fat and firm bass foundation. Eminently versatile, the Raptor is equally suitable to clean, crunch and mild gain tones. When pushed into the high gain zone, it delivers a thick, focused, searing tone with a fully detailed top end, without ever becoming harsh or aggressive


The series of the official Jensen® IR Libraries is growing every day!
Any single library in the collection is created after an extensive sampling and editing work in conjunction with Jensen® Speakers product specialists, seeking for perfection in every capturing step.



Bundles of 3 and 10 libraries with increasing discounts are available

Made for the supercabinet

The library is created for the TH-U Supercabinet, which allows to:

  • graphically browse the IRs in the library
  • blend them together
  • craft new cabinet tones with the unique Multiband mode
  • use the IR in the software
  • export the IRs in .wav, compatible with the software IR loaders and all the major hardware modelers


The microphones used during the capturing session are:

  • AKG C12
  • AKG C414
  • AKG C414 XLS
  • Audio Technica AT4033
  • Coles 4038
  • Electro Voice RE16
  • Groove Tubes MD1
  • Neumann KM84
  • Neumann U47
  • Neumann U87
  • RODE NT1
  • Royer R121
  • Sennheiser E609
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Shure B52
  • Shure SM57
  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM81

Every microphone has been moved to 4 different horizontal position (Cap, Cap Edge, Cone and Cone Edge), two distances and two angles, for a total of 16 IRs each.

All the measurement set has been repeated for each one of the cabinet in the library.

All IRs have been phase aligned and they can be blended without phase cancellations.


You can get a 2 days demo of this library directly into the Supercabinet component.
Just select a library from the Supercabinet lib menu and you will be prompted to start the trial.

Library Demo


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